Friday, June 22, 2007

Episode 14

*Theme Music*

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“Wow, Boss… how far along are you?”
“9 months, almost… I have another 2 weeks.”

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“Boss… what about a father, the baby needs a father…”
“Oh that notion is so outdated…”
“But Boss… I want to be there for him… her…”

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“Fine Frank, I’m moving into a bigger house, this one is not set up well for another person, if you insist on playing daddy to our child, you can move in with us. Just be sure to stay out of my way when it comes to my business…”
“Thanks Boss… you wont regret this!”
“Make sure I don’t.”


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“Hello, Montana.”

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“It’s been too long, Jeffery. How have you been?”
“Good, good… Tori is growing and… hell, you know me.”
“That I do… so what brings you here?”

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“I’m not sure how to tell you this exactly, Montana…”
“The direct approach is usually the best.”
“Celeste Rossi said she’s seen Malcolm… he's alive Montana.”


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“Boss, can I start calling you Rose?”
“I guess, it will take some getting use to but… sure why not?”
“I was wondering, you know… when the baby gets here…”

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“I mean, would you consider marrying me?”
“You’re lucky to be a part of our lives, Frank what makes you think I want to marry you?”
“You’re having our baby.”

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“Yes, I’m having our baby. I didn’t plan on getting pregnant, it just happened.”
“Please just meet with him, maybe he can help you…”
“Whoa, 'meet with him'? Meet with who?”
“The pastor, I uh… well, I called him…”
“Frank, if it will shut you up, I will meet this pastor.”
“Thanks Boss!”


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“Oh… huh…”
“Listen I know you don't want to hear this right now, but…”

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“Why would I want him back, Jeffery? He abandoned us. He is as good as dead to both me and to Virginia.”
“He has a right to know he has a daughter, Montana.”
“What? After running out on us? After what he’s put me through?”

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“Take it from a man who was denied the knowledge of a daughter… he would want to know.”
“You’re projecting your feelings on to a man who has no heart, Jeffery. He is dead.. at least to me he is.”

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Shaunna said...

Rose, a mother? Somehow I just don't see that. Luckily Frank is around to help...tho for how long is to be long as he can keep Rose content I suppose.

That rat Malcolm! I was hoping he was squished by the satalite tho it was never confirmed...he's alive? Then he is a total prick for not helping with Virginia!

tktrn99 said...

Rose isn't exactly the picture of maternal love, is she? Poor Frank...he's clueless!! Malcolm? Alive?! No way! Stand your ground Montana, he's no good!

lissabry said...

wow Rose is HARSH , poor frank.. he seems so sweet too , I agree Montana should not even investigate wether Malcolm is alive or not.. at least she got the insurance muahahaha

Aeronwy said...

Goodness, so which of the many men Rose has been hopping between the sheets with knocked her up? Is it really Frank's kid? Or is it Jeffrey's? Malcolm is alive?!? Really? Um, gotta agree with Montana. Malcolm gave up any right to know anything about her or any child she might have when he took off.

Lisa said...

Poor Frank. I don't think he knows what he's getting into.

If Malcolm is alive and he wanted to know Virginia, Montana wouldn't have to hunt him down.

CeeCee said...

Wow! Rose as a mom? That's just plain scary. And why do I think it might not be Frank's kid? Oh yeah, could it be because Rose is a tramp? lol

And Malcolm is alive? I wonder if Sully knew all this time?

suzie sim said...

OHOH! *claps & bounces* I was right! woot! Aww - Frank! Me thinks you're assuming a lot there! But I guess you can't know, can you?
*whispers* psssst - get a paternity test kit at work next week, k?

Get OUT!! Malcolm can't be alive!! Who the hell was under the satelite?! snap!

harumph. Frank's a sweetie, gullible yes, but too sweet for Miss Rose.

hehe - if Malcolm's still alive, he won't last long if he shows up at Montana's house. She'll be a widow yet, dammit! lol!

Rachel said...

What!?!?! Malcolm is alive?!?! Woh was under the satelitte?