Friday, June 22, 2007

Episode 14-A

*Theme Music*

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“Rose… you’re glowing”
“I’m pregnant.”
“You look great.”

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“Tell me you aren’t the 'pastor' Frank called.”
“I would, but then I’d be lying to you.”
“Why are you here?”
“Frank asked me to meet with his girlfriend. I didn’t know it was you.”

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“Not here, Davis, I meant in Coventry. You left school never to be heard from again and now you're back? Why?”
“I miss you, Rose.”
“Gods don't do this to me again, Davis.”
“Will you be marrying Frank?”
“Gah, no! Why because I’m having his baby? Don't be absurd.”




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“Does Jeffery know you’re back?”
“No, do you think I should call him?”
“Not if you want to keep all your teeth.”
“Funny, you seriously don’t think he is holding a grudge after all these years.”

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“If I still hate you, then I imagine he still does.”
“You don't hate me, Rose.”

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“Don’t delude yourself, Davis. I … hate … you …”
“Thin line between love and hate, Rose… you still love me, as much as I love you.”
“Leave Claude, please… just leave.”


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Huh, that's interesting... when did she do that?

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“Jeffery, you're late… everything okay?”
“Almost didn't make it, Davis called… how do you stand him?”
“Come on, the game is still waiting… and the pizza should be here soon.”

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“Seriously David, how do you work for that man?”
“Correction Jeffery, I work with that man… and for good reason as you well know.”

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“Yes, yes... doesn't make him less of an arrogant putz.”
“Well said, speaking of arrogance…”

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“Yes, either you do something, or I will.”
“Careful David, regardless of how I feel about your 'project'… that is still my sister you're talking about.”
“All the more reason for you to handle this…”
“So how's Elena?”
“That's low, even for you.”

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Shaunna said...

Well hello there pastor Claude. Seems there may be a bit of a history there with Rose. Loved the pics of their chat..."" TDF!

Gah! Wha!? I am totally confused...if that is Mal's grave...who is that guy who looks like MAL!?

Ah so we are finding a bit more about David's "project"...but I am still confused...and who's Elena?

tktrn99 said...

OMG! Who's Elena? Who was at the grave??? What's with Davis and Rose?? And, how does David tie into all this?? EEK!
*biting nails*

Aeronwy said...

Oh, my. Who's Davis? And is he the same red-headed man standing outside of Jonathan's house when Celest and Neil moved in? Who is David snooping on? *blinks* Wait. What? Who? *blinks some more* So David knows Rose is up to something. And David is working for this Davis guy. And Jeffrey knows about this all. And who's Elena!!

Sally said...

I love the mystery - who's Davis? And who's Elena? And is Mal dead or not?! I always imagined that Montana had killed Malcolm for the Landgrabb cash - how wrong was I?!

Lisa said...

Just when I start to figure things out, you go and change it up, Ruby!

You're evil!

CeeCee said...

So, this is the Davis that David called a few episodes back.

I love that Rose is asking Jeffrey to spy on David when he knows that David is already spying on Rose. The irony of it all!

And who was that? Was it really Malcolm?

Lisa's right. You are evil! And I love it. *g*

suzie sim said...

OMG - This MUST have been a Friday post *runs back to check the date* Yuppers! You're killing me!
I agree w/Aer - this the stranger outside Celeste & Jon's house from last week! *nods* But he's a Pastor? And in Love with Miss Rose? Wonder what he'll say about her chosen profession? *eg*

Wait a tic - there's more than one grave there! How many men have perished at Montana's place? Or is that supposed to be a public cemetary? *grumbles about the men turning their faces away from the camera too soon*

uhhh - is the Pastor named Davis? Or Claude? or was she calling him a clod?? *pouts*

David's working with Davis? And Rose is part of a project? And is Elena another baby that's missing her daddy right now? *looks sideways at the Dawgs, both of whom seem to have fathered most of the kids in this hood*

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for being so far behind, but this story cracks me up! Equally intriguingly stupid storylines as on TV (sorry :)), and equally addictive.

Love it, and especially David's T-shirts!

/j68 - only playing an innocent prosperity :)