Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Episode 20

*Theme Music*

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“You are really something…”

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“How was I so wrong about you?”
“What are you going on about?”
“You are disgusting!”

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“Lower your voice, Lori, you’ll wake the kids.”
“I will not!”
“Geez woman, fine… then let’s go out back… I will not let you upset my kids.”


“Mal, I want you to come…”
“Gods, Ms. Moorehead must you barge in my home? I truly need to learn to lock my door.”
“You lying bastard! You’re suppose to be gay!”
“Mal… honey?”
“I think it would be best if you went home Regina, I will call you tomorrow.”

“So not only did you abandon me and Virginia, you lied about being gay? Does Sully know? No of course not, this is why he doesn’t know where you are either.”
“Uh, hey… Sully? Who is-”

“Stop lying, Mal! For once will you just be honest with me?”
“I would like nothing more than to be honest with you Ms. Moorehead if you would stop assaulting my person. I do not use my hands in anger, especially with women but your constant shoving and slapping is getting ridiculous and making it ever harder to not retaliate.”

“You lying sack of… Ugh, you beat me when I was pregnant!”
“I would nev- gah!”


“You’re disgusting…”
“You said that already, what is your point? I slept with the maid, you slept with Cyd… I think we are about even…”

“Damn it Jeffery! You’re a pig!”

“Are you quite through?”
“Are… are you going to hit me?”
“What? No… I may be a pig, but I don’t hit women.”


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“Barnes, Elena is here.”
“Wh… what, here? I didn’t know she was back in Coventry… when did she get here?”
“She’s been here, she came back with me naturally… It is time to move on.”

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“I don’t see how that is any of your business.”
“She’s waiting in the front room, Barnes… this is your last chance, don't blow it.”
“Why did you bring her here, Davis?”
“Like you, I love her… besides, I’m tired of watching her brood over you.”

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Brooding? But she left me? Elena…
“Inside Barnes, don’t leave her standing alone too long or she’ll leave and you will have lost this chance.”
“Um… right…”

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Shaunna said...

Well, Lori is not a happy camper, that's for sure. When he plan went south...whew...watch out! Still have to give respect to Jeffrey for not raising his hand to Lori, as well as taking the fight outside. There is a good guy in there somewhere...must be what attracts all the women of Coventry in the first place.

Hehehe *enjoys guilty pleasure* I am sorry, I am sure that is not Mal...at least not Mal the ass that Montana was once married to, but I sure get a thrill out of her pushing him around...*snicker*. Altho I so feel kind of bad for the guy...

And it seems there is something more about David's past that we don't know....who is this Elena? *raises eyebrow*

CeeCee said...

Ya know, Jeffery mad have his faults, several of them, but you can't fault him for what he's done for his kids. And I really like the way he referred to them as his kids.

Montana just really doesn't want to let go does she?

Wow. That's a lot of face-smacking. But you have to give both men credit. Neither one of them raised a hand to the women. Wow.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Well, at least one of their parents is concerned about the kids.

What is up with Montana just barging into this guy's home? She needs to learn some boundaries. Hmm, if this really isn't Malcolm Landgrab, then I feel VERY sorry for Malcolm Spence. If he is, then I hope she gives him what for!

OMG, Lori will hit Jeffrey and think nothing of it, but then she gets all weepy worried he's gonna hit her? *scoffs*

Erm, what? What sort of priest travels around with a woman? And a woman someone he knows from his past life is already in love with her? Wait. What? *blinks* So who's this Elena? Is it Davis's sister or something? *frowns* Hmm, okay, I can't wait to meet Elena and start to maybe possibly get a hint as to what's going on with them. (Not like you'll give us any real information, tease!)

Sally said...

Poor Lori - no matter what she does, she can't get a reaction out of Jeffrey! And another reference to the mysterious Elena. I don't suppose you're going to reveal her identity any time soon?!

suzie sim said...

Now that's the first sensible thing you've said all night Lori! lol! How [i]could[/i] you have been so wrong - everyone else knows!

OMG - Montana is a woman obsessed! Oppph! and Malcolm beat her when she was preggers?? Did we know that?!

Even? ROTF!! Jeffers - Lori would have to sleep with half of Sim State to catch up with you! XD

Aha - Mystery! Intrique!! The Elusive Elena! Is this the college Miss that broke wee David's heart so many years ago? And why does she "naturally" travel with the Pastor Davis??