Monday, June 4, 2007

Episode 6

*Theme music*

“Jeffery, Allyn, I didn’t know you were bringing a friend, Jeffery.”
“I didn’t know she was coming… we just happened to arrive together… you two have met?”
“Of course Jeffery, Allyn is part of the garden club.”
“Actually I’m just passing by, was surprised to see Jeffery and thought I’d say hi… see ya!”
“Celeste, we need to talk.”

“You’ve been gone for a while, Celeste… I couldn’t believe it when I heard you were back in town. Where have you been? How have you been?”
“I haven’t really been gone, Jeffery, I’ve been working. I work at city hall and I’ve been busy… life is hectic… but I think I’m starting to get a good schedule for him… one that I can work with.”

“Don’t you start with me, Jeffery… you need to meet him first, he’s a great guy… pretty demanding of my time, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.”
“So where is Mister Wonderful?”


“Montana, always a pleasure… what brings you to my humble abode?”
“I wanted to see you, I hope you’re not busy.”
“I’m never too busy for you, Montana… I would have hoped you would know this by now.”
“Can we go inside and talk, David?”
“Of course, can’t let a neighbor see you slumming it at my place… please do come in.”

“So what is this about?”
“I haven’t been with a man since Malcolm left… right now I need a man who understands the difference between love and lust, need and desire and I need him to be you.”
“I see… no, actually I don’t… why me?”

“You know the answer to that one David. I need someone I can trust to be discreet.”
“Careful Montana, you sound almost… desperate…”

“I could have gone to a dozen other men, David… but I thought of all people you would understand me.”
“Oh I understand you Montana, have no doubts about that… that is wherein our problem lies.”


“So you’re the new man in Celeste’s life…”
“Gah, da boom! Heh…” *pounding pieces against wood*
“Try this whole sport…”
“Port, port, port…” *triangle peg falls effortlessly in to slot, and he claps for himself*
“I see you’ve met my nephew… come on Cornelius, it’s time for your cake.”
“Cornelius, that’s a mouthful of a name for such a little guy… does he have a nickname?”
“Pleasure to meet you Neil, I’m Jeffery…”
“Close enough.”


“Don’t make me beg David, I can’t stop thinking about you.”
“I see… no Montana, I won’t make you beg… and I do understand…”

“And later, we’ll talk about guidelines and consequences…”
“Later, yes… consequences?”

“Yes, consequences, for every action there is a reaction… for every choice there is consequences, good, bad or other; now follow me.”

“Before we go any further, Montana… this is your chance to back out… any second thoughts, is this really what you want?”
“Yes, David… make love to me?”
“No, Montana… we won’t make love… there must be mutual love first… what we have is passion… and with passion comes sex… hot passionate sex… are you sure that is what you want?”
“Oh yes… I want it… I want it now!”

*Theme Music**Commercial Break*


Shaunna said...

Well, wow! So, Celeste is caring for her nephew? Interesting. He is a doll, even tho I have yet to see his face. I love his little outfit.

Shocker of the update is Montana and David! She better be careful...or should I say he better be careful. Gonna get his heart broken!

Sally said...

Another steamy update! So David has finally got together with Montana - I wonder how that relationship will end up...

Twoyys4me said...

Interesting turn of events! Montana and David- that spells trouble!
Little Neil is a cutie... is he really her nephew? ;)

Lisa said...

Your story has more twists and turns than a mountain road! I love the suspense. I hope you have another update soon.

tktrn99 said...

Man, I need a shower after that last scene!! Montana should be far from desperate....I wonder why she really picked David. She said so it could be kept descrete, but there's more to this story....

Aeronwy said...

Hmm, why do I think Celeste has gotten a dog, not a boyfriend? *grin*

What problem, David? She was you to do her, no strings attached, and then keep your mouth shut about it. Surely even you can manage that.

Huh, a little boy. Ooooh, a nephew. Whew, I was thinking Jeffrey was about to have a surprise dropped on his head there. :-D Aww, Jeffrey is good with kids too.

Huh. Why does it sound like David is not willing to let this be a one time thing for Montana? He's laying down guide rules and everything...

suzie sim said...

*giggles at Celeste* Yeah, he's done Allyn too, no big surprise.

*smacks David up side the head* Isn't this what you wanted? You're going to make Montana beg? Ingrate - oy!
*blinks* Nephew?? *cackles wildly* Right!

pbbblt - walk away Montana. You can do better! *rolls her eyes at David and his consequences* Don't you have a good looking gardner or something??!

Rachel said...

My, oh my. Have you looked into a career as a paperback book writer?

Consiquences huh? I hope Montana is ready to deal with them. And does she honestly think he left? I love that he was smashed by a satellite.

Fairy D said...

I really hope that Montana Knows what she's getting herself into with David.
Celeste vanishes, returns with a nephew. Hmmm Interesting.